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Air Duct

Material, rust, moisture damage, and foreign debris all affect the quality of a building's cooling and heating system. 

When was the last time you had an air duct inspection?

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Aged pipes, poor installation, and root intrusion are defects we detect far too often. 

Taking the time to inspect your sewer line and plumbing can help you avoid costly repairs.

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Air + Sewer

We service residential & commercial properties. 

With every scope inspection we will provide you with a written & visual report to ensure you have peace of mind, every time.

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**In the event service requires additional sewer clean outs, roof vents, air vents, toilet removal, toilet reset, or clean out cap replacement that was not included in the initial scope of your inspection request, additional fees will be applied to the base charges detailed above.


For more information on potential additional fees, please request a copy of our fee table by emailing

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